The Abilene Boys and Girls Club of Abilene Are Dedicated to Making Sure That Every Child is a Priority

  • We want every child to succeed in school, in their community, and in life!  Great programming, wonderful role models, caring staff, and a dedication to making an impact in every child’s life is a foundation to their succeeding!
  • The most dangerous time of the day for kids is between the hours of 3-8 p.m.  We offer a safe and fun place for them to be during those hours.
  • Kids who attend good after school programs at least 3 times a week graduate at a 67% higher rate than kids who don’t attend.
  • Parents/guardians have to work hard to provide and need an affordable, reliable, and proven option for their children.  We have the most affordable membership in town and provide financial help to families who are experiencing extreme financial challenges.
  • Many of the youth we serve have one or more family members incarcerated.  We provide support, positive role models, and proven programming that helps kids make good decisions are just some of the benefits our kids get from the Club!

The Current Educational Crises in Abilene

  • Only two schools in the district were able to maintain an exemplary rating.
  • Majority of the schools dropped one level
  • Every ethnic group in AISD is in the double digit percentiles for kids not graduating on time.
  • WE are blessed to have a great working relationship with the Abilene Independent School District.  They recognize the benefits of having children in a proven after school program.
  • We offer our members daily tutoring, homework help and provide computer programming designed to assess and raise reading and math levels through an creative fun avenue.
  • Our kids are applauded and recognized for academic successes and encouraged when they fall short of their goals.


His mentor at the Nelson Club not only encouraged him to make good decisions, but he encouraged him to attend and finish college, to give back to his community (Midnight Basketball was born through Anthony’s efforts), and to rise above the negative influences of his neighborhood.  Anthony has achieved all those goals and is a strong leader on the Abilene City Council.

Anthony Williams


He grew up in the Clubs, was a Youth of the Year, and had one of his first jobs working in the Club.  He started off as an Art Room Coordinator, became a Director, ran the Adult Literacy program, and became our Director of Operations, giving 25 years of service to the kids and families who attend the Club.

Mark Denman

Past Director of Operations for the Boys & Girls Club of Abilene