Leadership and service

Our goal is to give our youth the opportunity to develop decision-making skills.  This empowers our members to…

  • Support & influence their Club & community
  • Sustain meaningful relationships with others
  • Develop a positive self-image
  • Participate in the democratic process
  • Respect their own & others’ cultural identities

“Youth of the Year” Program

Designed to promote and recognize service to Club and community, academic performance and contributions to family and spiritual life. The “Youth of the Year” winner receives a certificate, medallion and recognition, then goes on to regional competition and if they win there will go on to compete in state and then national competition.

Builders Clubs

Builders Clubs are a collaborative effort between the Boys & Girls Club of Abilene and the Kiwanis Club of Abilene and the Kiwanis Club of Greater Abilene. Kids between the ages of 10-14 can join and are given guidance to running their own meeting, planning their own community service activities, and have opportunities to lead their Club in activities.

SMART Moves and SMART Leader

SMART Moves and SMART Leaders are proven curriculums that help kids make good decisions concerning avoiding drugs, alcohol, gangs, tobacco, sex, and bullying while emphasizing staying in school, maintaining and improving grades, and using conflict resolution tools.